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Mission and Vision

Mission: Our responsibility is to provide rigorous alternative learning opportunities that support student character developmentprioritizes mental health, and inspires students to reach their highest personal and academic potential. 

Vision: Travis Education Center is a school of choice, offering a relational family atmosphere, preparing students to become increasingly responsible, productive citizens who meet today’s challenges, and promotes success through both traditional and non-traditional pathways after high school. 

Travis Education Center – Expected School-wide Learning Results

Independent Thinkers who…learn how to be a problem solver, how to advocate for oneself appropriately, and understand how to approach researching a topic and how to choose reliable sources

     Cooperative Learners and Workers who…work well with others in a group, listen to others and discuss issues appropriately

       Academically Prepared Students who…meet teachers' academic expectations, reach their highest level of academic proficiency in each subject and are expected to do their best on each assignment, improve their reading and writing, and develop skills and plan for pursuing college and/or career goals after high school

          Responsible Citizens who…are knowledgeable in current events and responsive to issues affecting the world, understand the value of money and how to manage it, are prepared for the workforce, understand and develop character strength that promote grit, curiosity, optimism, self control, social intelligence, zest, and gratitude, understand the relationships between character strengths and overall future success, and have an awareness of one's emotional well-being and how to manage it.

            Effective Communicators who…use technology creatively and effectively, demonstrate social intelligence in varying situations, and communicate needs to support emotional well-being