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Home Hospital Instruction

Home Hospital Information for Parents:

  1. If your student is in need of Home Hospital Instruction (HHI), please contact their school's administration. 
  2. The process will start with the administrators at the home site, and they will work with the family to get the proper paperwork completed. 
  3. Once the paperwork is completed by the administrator, parent/ caregiver, and physician, it needs to be submitted to the HHI coordinator - Janelle Preston.
  4. Once the coordinator approves the paperwork, the student's school site will need to find a teacher for the HHI case. 
  5. The HHI coordinator will notify the home school of the start date for the appropriate coding in attendance. 

**Should the student have an IEP, an IEP meeting must be held to determine services prior to any change in services or placement.